Civil Fraud & Scams

Civil Fraud & Scams

Fraud, or “scams”, happen when a person deliberately or recklessly makes false statements that lead others to act in ways that cause them personal loss. “Scam” is how such conduct is commonly referred to but legally, “fraud” is the technical term.

There are many types of fraud. Common types include insurance fraud, property fraud, vehicle and equipment lease fraud, online fraud, marriage fraud, identity theft, bank fraud, fraud against family members, and fraud in the context of business relationships and transactions. Unlike criminal fraud, which the police and public prosecutors address through the criminal justice system, civil fraud involves private disputes that parties settle through lawsuits that do not involve the criminal justice system. However, any instance of fraud could give rise to both private, civil litigation by the victim, and a criminal prosecution through the justice system.

If a court finds an alleged fraudster or “scammer” responsible in a civil fraud case, that person would be required to pay damages, surrender any benefits they obtained from their fraud, or face other consequences that do not include jail time. Runyowa Law handles civil fraud. Contact us if you believe that you are the victim of a “scam” or civil fraud, or have been wrongfully accused of such misconduct.


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