Defamation is the area of the law that deals with statements that damage one’s reputation. The proliferation of social media and the ease with which people can make anonymous allegations from anywhere in the world has made the field of defamation more complicated. If you believe that you are the victim of defamation or have been unjustly accused of defaming someone, contact us to discuss how we may help.


Any party whose privacy or personal informal is wrongfully breached.


In the digital age, more information is now stored on digital mediums than ever before. While the ease of information access and sharing has many benefits, it also poses a greater danger to individual and organizational information.

Sometimes, your privacy is breached unintentionally. Other times the breaches are deliberate. Either way, you probably want to know how it happened, why, and whether you should pursue legal action.

If you believe your privacy was wrongfully breached, Runyowa Law can provide you with guidance and representation.


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