Employment Law

Employment Law


Were you unjustly terminated? Did you experience harassment or bullying at work that forced you to leave your job? Contact us to discuss how we may be able to help you receive financial compensation for employment-related matters. However, workers should be aware of the difference between employment law and labour law. Generally, the difference is that labour law deals with unionized workplaces while employment law does not. This is a crude distinction to convey the general point that unions often have their own in-house lawyers or specific firms thaty they retain to address employment-related issues.

If you work in a unionized environment, your first step when facing a workplace issue is to contact your union for guidance. Although Runyowa Law may be able to help in limited or exceptional cases, unionized workers must first consult their unions about work-related disputes. Runyowa Law’s focus is on employment disputes that do not involved unionized workplaces. Either way, you may contact us with work-related disputes.



Did a previous employee recruit other team members to leave your employment when they quit for another job? Do you want to know what rights and limits your non-compete agreements face under the law? Did a former employee misuse the contacts they made through their employment with your company to recruit clients for their new employer or business? Is a current employee violating the terms of their employment contract, but you are unsure how to handle the situation? Employers and employees both have legal rights, so deciding the best course of action can be difficult. If you are having difficulties with a current or former employee, legal representation can help you protect your business’ rights and professional reputation. Contact us to discuss how we can help.


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