Small Claims Court

The Small Claims Court is a feature of many provincial legal systems. The following description on the Saskatchewan Small Claims’ Court website provides a good summary of the general structure and mandates of such Courts. 

“Small Claims Court is meant to be an easier and less expensive way to resolve disputes. People can approach the Court knowing that the staff can help prepare the necessary forms and that the judge is skilled in settling disputes. While lawyers can handle Small Claims cases, most people choose to represent themselves. The emphasis when issuing claims is on facts rather than procedural or legal technicalities.

In Saskatchewan, claims cannot exceed $30,000 in value. Disputes involving title to land, slander, libel, bankruptcy, false imprisonment or malicious prosecution must be handled at Queen’s Bench.”

Note that there tends to be variations in Small Claims courts in different provinces. For example, in Ontario the maximum value of a claim is $25,000. However, the general structure and goals of these courts tend to be similar. The courts’ websites and Registries provide more in-depth information on how these courts work.


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